Uniform is an important part of the aesthetic and discipline of dance.  It allows the student to properly engage in the class by association and translates to a focused dancer.  Proper dance attire enables the teacher to see the student’s positions and movement in order to give necessary corrections for the benefit of their dance education.

At The McPherson Dance Studio, we follow The Royal Academy of Dance guidelines as regards uniform for our ballet classes.  The following should be noted for class and examinations:-

All uniform should be clean and well-fitting.

Jewellery should not be worn unless required for religious or cultural reasons.

Where used, makeup should be kept light and to a minimum.

Hair should be neatly groomed (in a bun where possible) and styled off the face and neck so that the line of the head and neck is not obscured.

To download information about the uniform at The McPherson Dance Studio click here.  Please note that a new Royal Ballet School uniform will be in place from 2023.

To purchase class uniforms, accessories and gifts click here.  

To purchase The McPherson Dance Studio merchandised clothing and accessories click here.

When newcomers have decided that they want to commit to attending regularly, then the correct uniform should be purchased.

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