Hilary, Ballet Mum, Berwick-Upon-Tweed – 2019

“Having danced for 12 years with a wonderful ballet teacher who retired my daughter was devastated to find she might have no local RAD qualified ballet teacher.  Then McPherson dance came to Berwick. My daughter took to this completely new dance school and teacher immediately. Lianne is amazing and has gone out of her way to coach my daughter to quickly achieve grades 7 and 8 both with distinction. She both pushes and encourages.  So whether you want to dance for pleasure or to achieve RAD examinations I could not recommend a better local teacher.  Thank you Lianne for everything.”

Hazel, Improver Adult Ballet Student, Edinburgh – 2019

“I have been dancing with Lianne for a couple years now, in the intermediate class and it has been the perfect mix of technical and graded ballet work and some things just for fun! As adult dancers we choose to dance for a number of reasons, whether they are social or health related and so it has been great to find some new friends in Lianne’s class and we take regular outings to the ballet or cinema. I love that Lianne will challenge us and always keeps things interesting and at a great pace.”

Christina, Improver Adult Ballet Student, Edinburgh – 2019

“I have improved so much ever since I started attending Lianne’s classes.  The classes are fun and relaxed, but still very focused on technique and placement, as well as individual corrections. Lianne always knows why something isn’t working and what adjustments we have to make to correct it! Everything is explained and demonstrated very clearly and at a good pace for any level.  I always feel like I get a good workout and a chance to learn new things and work on my weaknesses, while at the same time getting encouragement and support.  I also love that she always has a lesson plan worked out in advance, which gives the class, as well as the term as a whole, cohesion and natural progression. But still, she often finds time to take requests if anyone wants to work on something specific.  Students are always encouraged to try something even if they have never done it before, and the atmosphere is always positive and supportive.  Everyone else is so friendly and supportive as well. So if you are looking for an informal class where you can try and fail and try again without feeling intimidated, come join us!”

Mary, Improver Adult Ballet Student, Edinburgh – 2019

“Lianne is an amazing teacher, really patient and takes time to explain and always checks if you need another run. Have no hesitation in highly recommending the class.” 

Sherri, Beginner Adult Ballet Student, Edinburgh – 2019

“As an adult beginning ballet can be quite a daunting experience however Lianne and my fellow students in class are very friendly welcoming, friendly and encouraging. Lianne is a wonderful highly skilled teacher with a great attention to detail, thorough correct explanations of technique along with a positive “you can do it” attitude. I highly highly recommend the McPherson Dance School for anyone looking for a top quality dance school.  See you Monday (Highlight of my week, I love class!)”

Emma, Senior Ballet Student & Teaching Assistant, Berwick-Upon-Tweed – 2019

“Having been dancing since I was almost 3 I really love ballet and Lianne has really allowed me to grow more as a dancer and gave me several opportunities to express my love for ballet. I always feel welcome in her classes and she gives me the best advice to improve as a dancer and become better after every class. I look forward to ballet every week and I couldn’t recommend Lianne enough whether you’re a beginner to ballet or more advanced.”

Diane, Beginner Adult Ballet Student, Edinburgh – 2019

“I always look forward to my adult ballet class which I enjoy immensely. Lianne is a superb teacher, dedicated and patient, and takes the time to both explain and demonstrate steps and technique. She instils confidence in her dancers and gently encourages you to push yourself that little bit more. I find the lessons great fun, uplifting, and very sociable.Also an excellent way to keep fit. Thank you Lianne – you’re a star! 🌟”

Morgane, 9 year-old Ballet Student, Berwick-Upon-Tweed – 2019

“I love my ballet classes. They’re fun & creative. My favourite part is the “Hide & Seek” dance. I like Lianne because she teaches me a lot of new things and she’s funny and patient.”

Julie, Beginner/Improver Ballet Student, Edinburgh – 2019

“I love adult ballet classes with Lianne. She is a gifted teacher who creates an atmosphere of both fun and challenge each lesson. Having started 10 months ago in the class for beginners I now have the confidence to begin to progress to the improver’s class. That’s thanks to Lianne’s patient way of explaining each step and technique. It’s a wonderful way to keep fit, be creative and meet fellow ballet fans!”

Principal, Studio Owner, Glasgow – 2016

“Lianne McPherson has been running the ballet department of the school and has introduced new disciplines and homework schedules to the students. She is hard working, dynamic, highly creative and an inspirational leader.  We have watched her transform this department and inspired the students to love a genre of dance that they once saw as old fashioned. She has proved herself to be a dedicated visionary running the department with strict guidelines that has motivated the students to work harder and understand this difficult dance form and grow to love it. She has shown a track record of achieving results within months of taking over the school students were passing examinations with distinction. We are honoured to have her as our ballet mistress and grateful to her for the expansion of this department this term, we look forward to her future successes.”

Sausan, Adult Student, Edinburgh – 2016

“Hugely enjoyable classes and I always feel a real sense of achievement afterwards. I put it down to Lianne McPherson’s attention to detail (nothing gets past her!) and knowing how to translate a movement or piece of music to make it work for you.”

Emma, Adult Student, Edinburgh – 2016

“Thank you so much for a great adult ballet trial class this morning! Not having danced in ages the pace and intensity suited me perfectly! I particularly loved your floor based cool down and stretch – lovely to meet you.”

Parent of Glasgow Student  – 2016

“Thank you very much for everything Lianne, Freya wasn’t even that keen on ballet a while back so you have brought her on leaps and bounds.  Thanks again.”

Co-Principal, Danscentre, Aberdeen (One of Scotland’s Leading Dance Studio) – 2016

“Lianne is extremely conscientious and hard working.  She has an in depth knowledge of teaching practice and methods.  Lianne is very well presented and professional at all times and is a pleasure to work with.”

Sarah, Adult Student, Edinburgh – 2016

“A fantastic teacher with great attention to detail. Very patient and understanding with us adults! Highly recommended.”

Parent of Edinburgh Student – 2016

“My 4 year old absolutely loves these classes and genuinely looks forward to them each week! Lianne is a fantastic instructor and really establishes a connection with the child to ensure that they learn important skills whilst having fun! Highly recommend!”

Margaret, Adult Student, Edinburgh – 2016

“Your enthusiasm for dance definitely makes the classes enjoyable, so I’d like to thank you for sharing that with us.”

Sausan, Adult Student, Edinburgh – 2016

“I cannot thank you enough for all you have done.  You are an outstanding teacher and a very inspiring coach.”

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